COVID-19 - Hygiene Protocols

We would like to reassure all customers that we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure hygiene and safety standards are at their highest during the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to achieve this we have implemented new arrival and departure times to give us an extra couple of hours. The new arrival time on arrival day is 17:00 hrs. and the new departure time on the day you leave is 10:00 hrs. 

Our cleaning staff will ensure that all high-touch areas such as door handles, light switches and bannisters will be cleaned using anti-bacterial products and the same applies for all bathrooms and the kitchen area. There are also anti-bacterial spray and wipes for you to use during your stay.

In addition to the above, we ask that our guests also follow some precautionary procedures to help keep yourselves, our cleaning staff and future guests safe during the current period.

  1. Please follow present hand washing advise from the NHS.
  2. Please inform us by telephone or email if anyone during your stay exhibits symptoms such as fever, persistent cough or loss of sense of taste/smell. Our contact telephone numbers are Tim 07949 565953 / Karen 07791 079701 and our email is
  3. On the morning of departure, please strip all beds and place bedding and towels separately in the laundry bags provided.
  4.  Also, please empty all bedroom and bathroom bins and place contents in the main refuse bin outside.
  5.  And finally, please ensure that any crockery, cutlery and glasses that require cleaning are loaded into the dishwasher and it is put on a wash before you leave. 
We hope that you will not feel unduly inconvenienced, and Karen and I, along with our house-keeping team, thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Kind regards

Tim and Karen Jordan